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Rose Blossom
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Not long ago, Deborah was a successful leadership/branding consultant, a popular professional speaker, and an accomplished business writer. Illusions of control dissipated quickly when chronic illness took hold, the time was right for her beloved chickadees to leave the nest, a purposeful, invigorating 25-year career died, and a marriage meant to last forever became ash,
all within the space of a few years. 

Having endured and grown through some of life's tough challenges, Deborah was able to joyfully embrace her new profession of writing stories intended to engage, connect, and inspire readers to hear their souls speak. She delights in creating resilient characters who overcome adversity and their reticence by becoming more of who they truly are meant to be and less of who they are not.

In her recent book, she explores how to live a heroic, if imperfect life and ways to draw nearer to God through exploring the backstory of King David (his childhood, his parent's lives and their love story).

Deborah Bronson is an award-winning author, was a once-weekly columnist for The Los Angeles Times/OC Edition, and has published several articles in various trade journals and written over 60 leadership, sales, and service courses.

Following after God for forty-seven years has been the ultimate source of fulfillment, hope, and purpose in her imperfect life. Being a mother has been her highest calling and greatest joy; her treasures are her children. She resides in Southeastern Michigan.

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