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Deborah Bronson's

Gather Rosebuds
while you may

ANCIENT ISRAEL, 1034-1015 BC  This captivating biblical romance explores the childhood and adolescence of King David (and the beautiful prophetess, Abigail) interwoven with their respective parents' lives and love stories. 

Immerse yourself in a richly-hued world where a future king's bedrock faith was forged before he could sport a beard.  Encounter David as he grows-up among the sun-drenched, lonely hills of Bethlehem dotted with sheep and lush vineyards of Dabouki grapes.

Visit the bustling markets of Carmel where commerce flourished and a noble merchant-family honors God in the everyday work of their hands. Observe the beautiful, spirited, young Abigail as she begins to learn how to manage order and productivity within a large complex household. 


Meet Jesse ben Obed, the handsome father of David, a good man of great faith, yet a devastatingly remote husband and father to his ten children. 


David and Abigail's legacies unfold like intricate tapestries woven with authentic faith, shaded by heartbreak and gilded gorgeously with triumphant love.

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