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C.S. Lewis: Love's Vulnerability

I often think about people who I'm looking forward to talking to once I'm in heaven. Before interfacing with others, I'm sure the Lord and I will have had our first few eye-to-eye, heart-to-hearts; wherein, I will blubber joyful tears throughout being overcome by His loving grace, the timbre of His voice, and the wonder of hearing His laugh-out-loud. I mean there is no way my Lord will be able to talk about my life without some laughter. Flubs pepper my life. I know we'll also discuss the sorrow of heartache, I've known it well whether it be through my willful, sinful choices, the impact of those who betrayed my trust and the resulting broken heart or those seasons when good decisions were made and yet, sorrow's ache still followed. You probably can relate.

One of the people I hope to have many conversations with is C.S. Lewis, a devoted lover of literature and debate, a logical, learned man, making his living as a highly esteemed professor. Clive Staples Lewis, known as "Jack" to his friends and family was once a staunch atheist and materialist, and later, became one of Christendom's leading authors and a "literary evangelist." I sincerely doubt I would enter into a debate with him (if there are such things in heaven). He thinks in a way that I marvel at but cannot replicate.

The Chronicles of Narnia still charms me to this day and books like, Mere Christianity or The Screwtape Letters are extraordinary works that never grow old. Although marriage and true love came both late and unexpectedly in his life, he knew very early in life about love's fragility and its enduring strength (having lost his much-adored mother just shy of ten years old).

Authentic love requires discomfiting vulnerability at the very least and selflessness born of great courage to endure and/or undertaking the risk to love yet again. Our redemption is anchored upon the extraordinary love the Lord has for us; each of us modeling the greatest example of enduring, lavish, selfless love.

Here is one of my favorite passages, taken from his book "The Four Loves". Thought-provoking!

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