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The Gilded Cage at Evensong

Dedicated to those who struggle with chronic illness and pain...what you are going through and what others may never understand is perfectly known and understood by The One who knows you best. He will never waste the tears of a person surrendered to Him no matter what the circumstances look like...sing (shine, speak, give, love) brightly and beautifully even if you must save your strength to do so only once a day.

The Gilded Cage at Evensong

By Deborah Bronson

Others saw her small cage as gilded

with exquisite layers of gold,

though cruel were its bars of unrelenting pain,

illness, her jailer, was both dispassionate and cold.

Once pleasing, vibrant plumage clothed

her beautiful frame and proud wingspan.

Her brilliant colors fade like roses & the ink

on love letters penned by an unfaithful man.

Now, sequestered in life’s shadows,

enrobed in tones of brown and gray,

she is less of who she isn’t and more of who she is,

wizened from leaning into and embracing hard lessons along the way.

Perspectives have deepened, changed. Only her memories give access

now to views from lofty mountaintops or the majestic oak’s crown.

Her clipped wings & gilded cage keep

her locked behind a cold windowpane, near the ground.

In daylight, fragmented music rises with sharp, clear tones

of joy, blended with muted mournful notes

of betrayal’s sorrow and hope deferred.

Poignant are the refrains sung from her scarred throat.

The heart of an eagle and falcon beats within her. Born to soar,

when first her wings were cut, she did not understand.

Tears ran freely as her blood, anguished cries unheeded

as she beat her ruined wings ceaselessly against the cage’s golden bands.

And once she was truly spent and finally willing to listen,

The Lover of her soul gathered her under the shadow of His mighty wings.

Tending her gently, binding her wounds,

He renewed her courage & refreshed her hope, saying…

“Beloved, let Me heal & quiet you with My love,

Do not be unyielding! For self-will and pride required correcting.

From the world’s cruelty you have also received a grievous wounding.

Come now, Little One! Surrender to Me & heed your life’s calling.”

At last, at last. Surrendering her own ebbing strength,

The Lover of her soul remade her stronger than ever before.

It’s true, she appears diminished, her wild heart remains thirsty to soar

and undeniably, she sings less not more.

Casual observers of the captive within the gilded cage

scarcely slow their busy stride. Their guarded

attentions focused elsewhere, dismissing her unremarkable frame. Yet, those

seeing the bright knowing in her eyes, know she is not truly discarded.

As twilight appears, the brilliant gold light surrenders

to evening’s dusky embrace…

It is then, the shadows transform the captive into her true form,

singing haunting melodies of compelling beauty & grace.

The captive of the gilded cage is indeed free, for

unlimited compositions are created in the quiet lonely hours.

Her clipped wings, pain, and scars, birth depth and knowing.

Thriving within her life’s calling, her wild heart beats now empowered.

Her evensong echoes forth: “Are you broken, dear heart, by grave trials

ceaseless as the ocean’s waves? Are your pillows wet with tears?

Are you acquainted with betrayal’s piercing or numbed by guilt?

Are your worthy endeavors choked with anxieties and fears?

I know. Oh, I know One who will wipe your tears, and bind your

grievous wounds. He’ll transform your scars into the wellspring

of your life’s calling. Do not fear becoming His captive! In Him,

you will be free. Surrender! Hold

nothing back from your King.”

Surrendered & sustained by grace she lives.

Reflecting the Light into the dark at Evensong.

© copyright 2019 : The Gilded Cage @ Evensong - Deborah Bronson

Her clipped wings & gilded cage keep her locked behind a cold windowpane, near the ground.

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Deborah Bronson
Deborah Bronson
Apr 25, 2019

Jen, it's a brave thing to admit one's struggles and be authentic about one's pain. With such a brave spirit, I have no doubt that you are a fighter; you can overcome this extraordinarily difficult challenge. Overcoming can't be done in isolation though; I know, I've tried it several times. Maybe you've tried to go it alone, too. Loved ones would be the first to tell you that not only do you "deserve" to "be there"; they want you there. And being the brave person you are; you can reach out, too. Sometimes, loved ones pull away because they misinterpret signals. Please, don't journey alone.


Jen Delisi
Jen Delisi
Apr 25, 2019

I have depression. Everyday that I sit without a call or an invite to spend time together is painful. Every day I ignore calls and invitation because I KNOW I do not belong or deserve to be there. Chronic illness in any form is no joke.

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